Quality content that pays off.

Do you have something to say? Make a profit on it.

Gazetisto is a platform that allows independent authors to easily create their own newsletters, podcasts or videos. And start building a subscriber base. Whether you are a top journalist or have an interesting web project, Gazetisto can help you monetize your know-how.

Maximum benefits, minimum worries.

Gazetisto has everything you need. From how to create a newsletter or podcast, to free templates, to subscription processing and sending money to your account. Creating a Gazetisto account is completely free. The platform only takes a percentage of the selected subscription fee.

Podcast is just the beginning.

Do you need merchandising? Would you like to set up multiple subscription levels, make a special corporate subscription or gift your subscription in the form of a voucher? No problem. Gazetisto is here to help you do successful business.

Even the media will have their way.

Gazetisto provides a platform for both independent authors and the media. Media can easily and instantly monetize their podcasts or newsletters. Either by introducing premium paid episodes in addition to existing free podcasts, or by charging for the portion of the podcast depending on their preference.

Gazetisto wants to be international.

Are you interested in cooperation? Be it in the form of partnerships to expand into new markets or the use of licensing and know-how. Contact us. Gazetisto is about to travel.

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